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The Benefits of Outsourcing

In addition to cost savings, a number of other benefits are realized from IT outsourcing that may not be apparent at first glance. The benefits of IT Outsourcing outlined below improves your organization's efficiency and speeds up reaction time to changing business climates.

     Ability to focus on core competencies. Your business requires all of your time and energy to be competitive and successful. By handing over non-core activities such as managing and troubleshooting your organizations computing platform, you will be able to concentrate on activities that are central to your business.

     Allocate staff to more strategic tasks. Reassign valuable personnel time, saved from IT Outsourcing, to more productive and strategic business tasks.
Personnel whose job responsibilities are reduced or eliminated by IT outsourcing can be reassigned to other, more strategic tasks.


     Access to new skills and technology. IT Outsourcing gives a company access to a wealth of resources not available internally. Staff of IT Outsourcing firms are teams of IT Professionals with cutting-edge skills and up-to-date certifications from a number of leading technology companies.

   Faster and higher-quality service. With IT Outsourcing, a team of IT Professionals are only a phone call away. Knowledgeable IT Professionals are able to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

    Improved predictability of costs. IT Outsourcing provides a company with predictable yearly costs for the management of IT infrastructure through service contracts.

     Greater flexibility. The flexibility gained through outsourcing helps a company react quickly to changing market conditions, fluctuating demand cycles, and increased competition.

     Assistance with organizational changes. An IT Outsourcing firm can quickly build new infrastructures or merge two existing infrastructures during or shortly after a merger, acquisition, or joint venture.

     Simplify vendor management. Establishing a partnership with a single IT Outsourcing firm simplifies the management of multiple vendors with multiple invoices. With a single IT firm responsible for your IT infrastructure, finger pointing and blame games are eliminated.

Realize the benefits of IT Outsourcing by partnering with ComputerDr. With a full-line of IT Services and a team of certified IT Professionals your company is assured of a scalable, secure, up-to-date computing architecture at a predictable cost.



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